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Our Training

We Dedicate Ourselves to Continuous Improvement in the Field of In-Home Senior Care

Our industry is rapidly evolving as new challenges become apparent and new care methods are developed to meet them. At Home Care Central, we are dedicated to being the number one in-home care provided for seniors in the Metro-Detroit area. We achieve this by having the best trained and highest skilled caregivers in the industry. We employ rigorous, regular training and certification programs for our staff so that they can get better every day and continue to deliver the highest level of care possible. Below are some examples of the regular training our caregivers undergo to ensure that our clients are safe, happy and living their best lives.

Assistance With Mobility and Fall Recovery

Moving a senior and assisting with limited mobility is a skill that requires training to ensure that both our clients and caregivers are safe. During this training, caregivers learn the proper way to lift, support, and transfer seniors to and from beds, chairs, the bathtub, and the toilet. They learn special techniques that teach them how to leverage their bodies to support and lift seniors safely from one location to another. They also learn skills in fall prevention and fall recovery and understand what steps need to be taken after an accident.

Understanding and Interacting with Dementia Patients

Memory Care and Dementia Care are activities that not only require a deep understanding of the cause and effects of the condition but the personal communication skill needed to provide meaningful and helpful care. Our caregivers receive regular training in warning signs of new issues and how to interact with a senior who is struggling with cognition. By doing so, we can help make their days happier and more fulfilling, as well as communicating changes back to your family and healthcare professionals.

Recognizing Early Warning Signs of Dementia

Since our staff spends so much time with our clients, they are often the first to notice the early onset of Dementia and other memory problems. We have trained our staff to monitor and note potential signs that our clients are beginning cognitive decline so that further steps can be taken to diagnose and begin treatment plans. Identifying cognitive decline early is often a great help in extending your loved one's meaningful and happy years.

How Dementia Affects Our Senior's Ability to Process the World Around Them

Seniors that have Dementia, in addition to other common ailments, like poor vision, have unique challenges that compound their memory condition. Imagine suffering from memory loss in addition to a limited range of sight. Items that you just set down may seem to disappear completely. People suddenly appearing in your field of vision can be startling. We train our caregivers to understand these unique challenges to help provide care in a way that minimizes stress and teaches family members how to interact with their loved ones in ways that keep them at peace.