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Providing Redford, Southfield, and Detroit Residents With the Senior Care They Deserve

At Home Care Central, our mission is to help your loved ones remain in the comfort of their home as long as possible while receiving the personal and emotional care they need to keep them healthy, safe, and happy. Our highly trained caregivers provide clients in Redford, Southfield, and Detroit, MI, with a comprehensive range of services that allow them to enjoy the highest degree of independence and comfort, as well as the freedom to continue living in the place they call their 'home'.

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Senior Caregiving is Our Passion, Not Just Our Job

Providing a senior with the proper level of care they need is a difficult challenge. However, our staff and caregivers know that it is one of the most important and rewarding things we can do for those that have done so much for us. Giving back to the elders in our community through respectful and dignified in-home companionship, Dementia, and hospice care services are our way of saying thank you for your time, patience, and love.

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We Dedicate Ourselves to Getting Better Every Day to Better Serve the Seniors We Care For

While Home Care Central only hires the best trained and most professional caregivers, we know that that is not enough. We seek to provide the highest level of in-home personal and emotional support for our clients and families in our Redford, Southfield, and Detroit communities. Setting the bar exceptionally high requires us to continually learn new treatments and techniques that benefit our clients. We have dedicated ourselves to regular training sessions to ensure that when a Home Care Central caregiver arrives at your senior’s home, they are equipped to exceed every expectation in in-home care.

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Experts in In-Home Senior Caregiving

We Are Your Experts in In-Home Senior Caregiving

While we dedicate ourselves to being the best trained and highest educated caregivers in Metro Detroit, we also want to serve as your source for significant developments in new senior care practices. Our caregivers work directly with families to provide expert insights into their senior’s care plans and progress. We also offer a library of in-home care content so that you can stay up to date on these latest developments.

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